The Paschal AVID teachers are a special brand of teachers. They realize that their role is not just to share subject matter, but more importantly to make a huge difference in the lives of well-deserving, under-served students. The fact that they meet this lofty goal is evident at the AVID Senior Celebration when the teachers and students get together at the end of the school year of each senior class to celebrate completion of high school, the transition to being college students, and their next steps to personal success.

During the program the teachers say a few touching words about each student and present them with medals symbolizing their accomplishments. This is followed by various students extemporaneously rising and saying what the teachers have meant to them during their time in the AVID program. The message from the students always has a common theme such as, "The AVID programs and the AVID teachers have changed my life. They have also changed the lives of my brothers, sisters, and cousins who now realize they too can make it to college. The teachers are not just our instructors; they are our inspiration, our confidants, our friends, our cheerleaders, and our life coaches. We will never forget you and what you have done for each of us."

The PHS Educational Foundation mentors work very closely with the AVID teachers to develop our activities and our support in ways that help the teachers meet their class and development plans for all grade levels of AVID students. Mentors pictured below, from left to right: Elizabeth Snyder, Monica Marchi, Trevon Jones, Crissa Sigl