Paschal Experts in Residence Speakers Program

Part of the role of the PHS Educational Foundation is to broaden the vision of the under-served students with whom we work with a wide range of career possibilities. One of our initiatives toward that goal was the creation of the Paschal Experts in Residence Program

The Paschal Experts in Residence was conceived and is coordinated by Rix Quinn. The students we work with generally have a very limited exposure to professions. Rix put out a single email solicitation for volunteer speakers and immediately got responses from many of those listed below.

Paschal teachers are given this list with their contact information and the teachers, with Rix’s help, schedule these speakers throughout the school year for grades 9th through 12th. It is hard to tell who gets the most enjoyment out of this program, the students who learn first-hand of many career opportunities, or the presenters that realize what a profound difference they are making to the development of these students.

Your efforts can help us reduce the opportunity gap that faces the students we serve. We are constantly seeking more speakers for this program. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of our under-served students and can spare a few hours per year, please send us a message at

Paschal Experts in Residence Speakers

Left to right: Bill Alexander,  Certified Public Accountant; Elise Berl,  Massage Therapy; Bill Brammer, Graphic Art and Design; Katie Fultz,  Academic Advisor, TCU Neeley Business School


Sevette Garrison, Tarrant County Human Resources; Anna Hamilton, Program Director, Operation Breakthrough, Fort Worth; Winky Hix, Detective Sergeant, Fort Worth Police Department; Dr. Rhonda Hughes, Mathematics, TCU 


Angie Murphy, Realtor, Coldwell-Banker; Daniel Payne, Non-Profit Organization Expert; Dr. Steve Sherwood, Director, TCU Writing Center;  Dr. Keith Whitworth, Sociology, TCU


Crystal Williamson, Wedding Photographer