SIGI3 is a Tool for Finding Directions for a Successful Life
Finding a Career Path
High school and college students generally have difficulty in selecting a clear career path and associated college major.  It has been proven that various assessment programs can identify a students deep-seated interests and skills that are effectively utilized in a variety of careers  wherein the student can self-actualize.  Each career path is associated with one or more college majors that prepare the student for the preparation for a desired career path.

FREE SIGI3 Assessment Program
The SIGI3 Assessment Program was developed by College Board and later spun off to the Valpar International Corporation.  The PHS Educational Foundation is a licensed provider of the assessments and can help student review assessment results to gain the most valuable insight from it.
The SIGI3 Assessment is divided into four parts measuring interests, personality types, values, and skills. It takes a student about 30-45 minutes to take all four parts.  A list of suggested career paths are generated immediately after the assessment is completed.  Mentors are available to review results with students shortly after completion.
Taking a FREE Assessment:
Those wishing to take the SIGI3 Assessment please do the following:

  • Individuals – send an email message to Put SIGI3 in the subject line.  Include student complete name, email address, school attending and grade.
  • Groups – teachers send an EXCEL file containing all student names, email addresses, school attending, and each student’s current grade level to

A profile will be created for the student, and a user name and password will be provided promptly to the individual or teacher.  The students will be able to take the assessments immediately. To go to the SIGI3 website, click this link.
For additional information send an email message to