Mentoring Resources

The effective mentoring of first-generation, college-destined students from low socioeconomic families is part emotional, part science, and part art. The emotional part is the foundational principle in that, to be an effective mentor, one must LOVE the STUDENTS. The science part is an understanding and use of certain proven psychological principles, and the art part comes from experience and a keen interest on the part of the mentors to figure out a style and approach for them that truly connects the students.

The PHS Educational Foundation Mentoring program was developed specifically to assist students in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program at Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Texas, to help them achieve the AVID goals of preparing first generation students for college entrance and higher education success. This is the first mentoring program of its type in the 4500 schools in the United States where AVID is part of the school’s curricula. When this effort started in 2010 there were no resources to provide guidance on how to be an effective mentor so the early participants just barged in and stumbled along simply motivated by the love for students and a dedication to paying it forward.

The FREE mentoring resources on this page are the results of the original mentors determining what guidance and information needs to be passed on to the AVID students to prepare them for college and career. That information was then captured in the materials on this page to provide step-by-step guidance to students, teachers, and mentors.

These resources are FREE, but they are copyrighted and when used, credit must be attributed to the PHS Educational Foundation. For organizations that would like training and/or consulting in the implementation of a mentoring program, please contact Joe Greenslade at


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