Mentoring Activities

The PHS Educational Foundation was created in 2010 with the initial purpose of mentoring under-served Paschal students in the AVID program. The Mentoring efforts are interactions with students to help them in all things related to preparing for college entrance and then finding the needed financial aid to pay for their college education.

Click here to see a presentation about the PHS Educational Foundation Mentoring Program.

Mentors do the following activities with students:

  • Review the results of the Sigi3 Assessment program provided by the Foundation with each student individually in their freshman and junior years to help them select a college major that will help them have a successful career I a field in which they have a deep-seated interest.
  • In the sophomore year Mentors present a program on creating personal mission statements to help them start thinking creatively about the future they want for themselves and how college can help them achieve their mission to reach their highest potential.
  • In the junior year Mentors once again review the student’s Sigi3 Assessment results and hone in on the selections of a college major.
  • In the junior year Mentors review potential college choices with each student where they can pursue their chosen major and where they will feel comfortable with the school location, size, and student makeup.
  • In the senior year Mentors help the student complete college essays, fill out applications to colleges, and find financial aid to pay for college. Students are specifically coached on the importance of using scholarships, grants, and work-study to pay for college and to use student loans as a last resort.