Financial Support

Laptop computers
In 2010 the Mentors discovered that AVID seniors desperately needed laptop computers to do the things needed to gain acceptance to college, and it was realized that those students will need their own laptops to do their college work. In May 2011 the 25 AVID graduating seniors were each given a laptop computer at a total cost of almost $9000.

Realizing that the students needed the use of the laptops during their senior year a program was devised where AVID seniors are “loaned” a new laptop at the beginning of the year. They sign a contract for the laptop with the Foundation. At the end of the school year they turn the laptops back in. When they present a receipt for their enrollment in college their laptop is returned to them at “no charge” for use in college.

This program has provided between 22 and 32 laptops for incoming seniors in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. In September of 2015 there will be a huge jump to 75 seniors requiring an outlay of approximately $20,000.

Sigi3™ Career Assessment Program
In 2010 when Mentoring the seniors on the selection of college majors it was learned that FWISD did not provide the schools with career assessment programs. The Foundation felt an assessment tool was essential for helping students discover their strengths and interests so they could select a college major in an informed and enlightened way.

The Mentors researched the availability and strengths and weaknesses of the available assessment programs. Sigi3™ was discovered. It was learned that this tool had been originally developed by College Board (the SAT people), but had been spun off to a private firm. The Foundation found the program easy to administer and the individual results insightful.

The Foundation bought a “site license” covering all Paschal students in 2010 and has funded the license every year since at $895 per year.

Student Fees Funded by the Foundation
Each year seniors find that they need to pay registration fees (and various up-front costs for getting into college) that they and their families cannot pay. In these situations the Foundation steps up. Following ar the types of fees paid for students:

  • Student accepted to West Point; couldn't afford plane ticket to get there
  • SAT and ACT testing fees
  • College applications fees
  • Room deposit fees

Student Opportunity Scholarships
Each year the Foundation provides $1000 - $3250 to fund Paschal PTA Opportunity Scholarships. These are scholarships that go to students who have average to upper-average GPA scores, are on the “free or reduced lunch plan”, and who are the first in their families to go to college.